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June 23, 2011

About this blog

"Hilltop" Photo by Brad&Gayna. Photo by Permission via http://www.flickr.com/photos/refangled/5835669352/

This will be a blog for a community of practice around the creation and use of place and address information. This site seeks to collect and share information on mapping and place naming Australia. No Master Plan here, but as friends join in we”ll figure it out together.

Oh yeah, boring disclaimer: This site is not operated by, or on contract for, any government  yadayadayada all views expressed within individual articles and comments are the personal views of their authors and do not represent the official views of any government body, nor do they necessarily represent the views of the operators of this site blah blah and so on.

…about us

Yvonne R Thompson

Twitter: most actively as @yvonnert.  I set up  @mygeoplace just in case it’s needed, but that is likely to stay dormant for a while.

Yvonne’s Linkedin Profile

Dr Laura Kostanski

Laura’s Linkedin Profile

Laura in the News – Churchill Fellow

…. setting up this blog

It’s taken a few iterations to get it going. The choice between blogspot vs wordpress was just a personal preference for the wordpress interface, which I find easier to navigate. I moved some material from my version 1 WordPress,  using the export function, which was dead easy. I’m comfortable that there is ample flexibility.


Annual $17 to Netregistry for registering a domain plus

Annual $12 to WordPress to map to mygeopplace.com as primary domain

WordPress Theme purchase WooThemes $49

My time, priceless.

Setup History

July 1 Made  http://www.geoplace.come primary domain (not working yet)

June 29 2011 been to netregistry.com.au and using DNS tools remove the existing name server for www.mygeoplace.com and replace with Wordpress.com Name Servers.

June 27 2011 Import and consolidate some material I’d previously blogged [false start at http://mygeo.wordpress.com and older material  http://yvonnerthompson.blogspot.com ]

June 26 2011 Create blog here at https://mygeoplace.wordpress.com

June 26 2011 Registered the high level domain name http://mygeoplace.com

June 26 2011 Create gmail account mygeoplaces@gmail.com (the added “s” will be the achilles heel for my memory…unfortunately mygeoplace@gmail.com was taken)


About yvonnert

Extensive experience working in government spatial data infrastructure. Over ten years as a bridge maker in emergency services, with strong partnering skills providing leadership for spatial information strategy.

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