Checkif your Victorian address is correct

June 29, 2011

Geographic Naming

When it comes to your address in Victoria Australia the message is fairly simple:

1. Check that it’s right in the authoritative digital map data data: Vicmap Address. That’s important, because Vicmap Address is used by Victoria’s emergency services, including the Triple 000 dispatch. If your address is not right in Vicmap this could lead to a delay in locating you if you ever need help from fire, police or ambulance services.

2. If it’s not right, not correctly representing the physical location then notify the authority, your Council, so that they can  Fix it once; and

3. Use it correctly. This means ensure that it is being correctly used on your building and street signage, by billers, utilities, on your lease, your drivers license and by your friends.

Real Estate Agents have been known to provide incorrect address information for prospective buyers/renters, especially in new developments where addresses are yet to be allocated.  They need to refer addressing queries to Council, rather than assuming the correct address. This ensures residents are only using the official addresses in Vicmap and used by Emergency Services.

How to check..

1) The public can use the DSE’s interactive map  as a starting point. Technically it was not designed for this purpose, but it does allow anyone to search on a street  number, name, type and locality. You should be able to tell if your address is incorrectly recorded in Vicmap. If you are concerned that something is not right then you should notify your council. I’d like to give you an easier way to do this, but unfortunately for now there is no central notification site.

2) Councils can verify in their rates and other data systems and, if a correction is needed in Vicmap, the Coiuncil staff  can all access a system called Notification for edit Service (NES) that is provided by the DSE and correct it. Remember, it must be right in the Vicmap data: It is not enough for the address to be correct in the Council data.

Fair warning:

  • Be patient. Unfortunately, the emergency services 000 data cannot be refreshed in “real-time”.  An address correction in Vicmap can take many months to flow into  the emergency dispatch map. The same is true for other data-sets, such as the national address file managed by PSMA, called the G-Naf.
  • There are organizations choosing not to use authoritative data (or they cannot, because of cost, license other issues).  These include such as Google Maps (which use Sensis data), or  Satnav providers such as  TomTom. Any changes notified to these bodies, or even other Victorian government agencies – such as Vicroads when your license is renewed – will not normally flow back into Vicmap.
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