GeoRabble Melbourne Organizers Meeting 1

October 1, 2011

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GeoRabble  is an initiative started in NSW (that’s the cool logo above) by some geo-people such as Maurits van der Vlugt and Cisco Urbino. A GeoRabble is a *free*, casual geospatial event where the talks are short and punchy, and people share geo-ideas, full of fun, and free of sales-pitches.

Sydney just had it’s third Georabble gathering and we in Melbourne are a bit jealous. So, last week, Sally Waller, an ecologist with SKM, got chatting with Stewart Hay, a NSW friend who drops into Melbs on all matters spatial. Stewart hooked Sally up with NSW Georabble Yoda, Cisco and so it began…

There were emails.

Marie Slako (Geomatic Technologies) and Phil Delaney (SKM) were keen to get involved

There were tweets.

There was beer.

The first five Melbourne apostles (Sally, Marie, Phil, Andrew and myself) found one another in the World Bar, with our GoogleMaps, Tweets, Foursquare and some non-augmented reality (yelling and waving) We read through the Georabble Manifesto and were excited enough to commit ourselves to things we might not remember in the morning.

Is it possible to assemble a small crowd and pull off a Georabble in Melbourne in 2011?

Twitter list started
I made a few posts on google+ and made a Huddle and a Circle (a few of us are giving it a try)
We are all on Linkedin
Our Twitter hashtag #Georabblemelb
Our wiki (in case needed)

Sally has set up a GeoRabble Melbourne Facebook Page (go ahead and Like it!)

Now, we really need to choose a date…and Sally is looking for a venue and sponsors. Andrew, Phil and Marie are looking for presenters.

We are open to any ideas, volunteers, suggestions, or sponsors (so long as it falls within the Georabble Manifesto). As the Sydney Rabble put it:

We are looking for speakers who want to share something they’re passionate about, or just want to entertain. Anything with geo- or location in it.

Here we are at our first organizers meeting in the World Bar. Appropriate choice. (Hint: Some beers are priced based on the time…eg 6:30 = $6.30)


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