GeoRabble Melbourne Organizers Meeting 2

October 1, 2011

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This is a follow up to the First GeoRabble Melbourne Organizers Meeting.   Thanks to  Cisco and the Georabble team for the continued support and also to Sally for providing the positive energy to get this up and running. Meeting Date:  2 Monday Oct 3rd. The GeoRabble people take a very ‘clean’ approach to their site, so for now I am happy to use my site as a repository for some of the messier and more detailed organizing materials.

Location: World Restaurant and Bar, Southbank

4/2 Riverside Quay
Southbank VIC 3006

Useful Links



Fundraising Text

To gain approval for funding (SW request advice form Cisco / Maurits from Sydney GR if they have a standard letter/info they supply to potential sponsors to streamline the process a little.

Relationship with Melbourne Open GIS (MOGIS)  

  • Learn more about how MOGIS works.
  • Andrew and Marie attended  29th Sep 2011 Melbourne Open GIS Meet-up. It was a good event with interesting speakers. Marie (at request of MOGIS organizers)  said a few words around the GeoRabble manifesto. The big question “What is the difference between the Open GIS group and GeoRabble?”
  • They are very similar – both non commercial/vendor orientated, both seeking contributions towards sponsorship but not direct sales opportunities for vendors 
  • [Note:  Simon Hope  has been involved with the Melbourne Open GIS (MOGIS) group and its (sort of) predecessor the local OSGeo chapter with Simon O’Keefe
  • Since GeoRabble begun in Sydney they have discussed potential for cross pollination.
  •  Investigate Simon O’Ks feelings  on combining groups under a single banner  given some common values across both groups.

GeoRabble Melbourne 1- Event Date

  • Mid week (Wed or Thurs) of either the Week of the 7th  OR  28th  November avoids the 2 big conferences (Spatial@Gov  15th-167th Nov  and SSSC  Wed 15th- Fri 25th Nov)
  • [Note: Melbourne Cup Day Tues, 1 Nov /Oaks Day Thu, 3 Nov 2011/ Stakes Day Saturday, 5 Nov  / Presidents Cup Golf: Royal Melbourne 18 to 20 Nov / Club X Sexpo 24-27th  Nov (woop!)]

Event Planning  TIPS  (w Thanks Stew)

  • Registration/Networking starting around 6:00 or 6:30pm.
  • 30min networking before presentations accommodates  people with family who will leave immediately after the talks
  • Talks for 1 hour with no breaks.
  • Networking and drinks after talks until everyone leaves or the location kicks us out


First work out costs for running the event, to determine how many sponsors are  needed. Aim for $250 ea then 5 sponsors will bring in $1250 towards the event. Expenses (e.g)

  • room hire expenses
  • pay for drinks for speakers as a token of appreciation
  • materials for promotion – (eg Syd  are doing stickers to hand out)
  • Food – Syd did a massive Pizza delivery at the first one, though this set a dangerous precedent.
  • Sydney have received sponsorship from Spatial Source, EBR and Mercury Projects
  • Sponsors may put a banner up, collect cards in a prize draw and are acknowledged during the session.


  • Spatial Vision –  (Sally, approaching through Milos)

Choosing a Venue

  • The Sydney events are run out of pubs which have a dedicated room which can be booked and includes a staffed bar.
  • Aim for a room which fits around 80-100 people.
  • Ensure  the room allows for easy viewing of the presentation screen. Eg everyone/or many will be standing so you need to have the screen high on the wall and minimal obstructions from things like walls or support columns.


Send out a request,  “Do you have something you passionately want to share with your peers?  Send us an email at Talks can be presentations, live demos, interviews or whatever you feel like. The rules are here.”

Selection: Aim for

  • an eclectic mix with a wide range of topics.
  •  well known good speakers & maybe 2 untried (but with good topics).

Put out a call Possibles  eg

  • Stewart Hay previously presented at Sydney GeoRabble on a topic called “Losing My Religion” which looked at where GIS fits as an industry. Has idea  for a new presentation “Who broke my spatial cloud”, a fun look at GIS architectural issues for emergency services.
  • Claudia Aberl from Frankston City Council may be interested in presenting.
  • Milos Pelikan from Spatial Vision as long as the date doesn’t conflict with the SpatialGov event in November
  • ….tbc

Marketing Milestone targets.

  • GeoRabble Kick-off  with  Confirmed presenters
  • EventBrite  registration Link via GeoRabble
  • 6 weeks before event date – notify everyone about the event date, location and speakers.
  • 2 weeks before event date – remind everyone about the event and if there are spaces left that they are filling quickly
  • Day before event – send out final reminder.

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