Speakers finalized for GeoRabble, and the countdown begins

October 25, 2011


GeoRabble program….

Welcome by Francisco Urbina, of GeoRabble Sydney and handover to our Melbourne RabbleMaster, Sally Waller


Stewart Hay: “Losing My Religion”

  • Them’s fightin’ words….a look at where GIS fits as an “industry’.

Claudia Aberl : “To 3D or not to 3D, that is the question – what is all the 3D craze about?”

  • 3D modelling – Review of the 3D Models available –  what’s good, what’s bad and what’s reality! The presentation will explore some examples of 3D models (Geelong, Melbourne, Frankston, Ballarat) created using different GIS 3D packages Where is the line between GIS reality (accuracy and reliability) and model (facades and texture) become blurred – what’s all the craze about? 

Rohan Fernando (Google).  Google Earth Builder: Under the Hood

  • Bring your spanners, grease-monkeys, we’re going in. So what’s really under there, Vern?

Milos Pelikan:.A journey in perception and representation”

  • A cooks tour at how representation influences what we think is possible.

Andrew Wise:  “Uh oh. Where did the rest of my road go?”

  • Valuable time is lost when an emergency vehicles enter from the wrong end of a discontinous road and have to double back. Andrew does some clever tecky network analysis on Vicmap Transport in SQL and finds incredible numbers of blocked-roads across Victoria

Note:  Andrew Wise will show some clever tecky network analysis of the VicMap Transport data in SQL, in which he finds incredible numbers of blocked-roads across Victoria.  This is a relative of the topics I have posted on here before: Duplicate Road names but this is a  particular cause of problem where the council has given a road that does not physically continue through the same name at each end. Contrary to popular belief simply bunging an ‘east’ or ‘west on one end does not really solve the problem that these roads create for emergency services.  Not all of these are a serious issue, but fixing the ones causing real problems  should be straight-forward: the council renames one end. Sometimes, though, local politics can prevail and common-sense goes out the window. There are some clearly dangerous situations such as Berringa Road, Park Orchards, where the  Maroonda Shire Council, at the request of emergency services, has been running the gauntlet of public resistance to renaming one end of such a road for nearly four years!!!


Martin von Wyss, GISP:  “Melbourne Meetup Map Feelup”

  • We all have an uncle in the emergency services who has claimed that “a printed map with a bullet through it will serve a soldier better than an electronic device with a bullet through it.” And we have probably all insisted at one time that interactive web mapping applications are great because they let the user choose the colours that are prettiest. Let’s put tired clichés and absurd arguments aside and begin the healing by conceding that the digital and analogue worlds can work together nicely. And since we’re all in the same room, let’s look at some cool examples!


I’d personally like to thank the above speakers and also Our GeoAwesome Rabblesome Sponsors… because these guys came through and have helped defray the costs that allow us to put this show on for free.

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