A starter kit of web pages and iPhone / Android Apps (click on the images). Some may be useful for emergency managers or volunteers in QUEENSLAND. There is scope for something more sophisticated than this, particuarly when more information is published in open formats. Perhaps this interim curation will help spur someone on to greater things, or even (shock horror) collaboration. Download this blog as an android App   http://www.appsgeyser.com/177615

Latest Weather Observations for Queensland – Link to the BOM Webpage

Latest River Heights for the Queensland Rivers (all stations & all sensors) and links to graphics (plots).

BoM Qld Radar Sites Table

Link to BoM website, QLD Radar Sites Table, latest updates from Bureau of Meteorology.

Link to RFS QLD website mapping Current Bushfire Incidents extracted from the Queensland Emergency Services Computer Aided Dispatch (ESCAD) database, updated every 30 minutes, with Emergency Warning or Watch and Act messages updated every 10 minutes.

The QLD TTM 131940 Traffic and Travel Information website

The QLD Govt 131940 Traffic and Travel Information website with Links for Live Traffic Cameras & Roads Events, Incidents, Roadworks, Closures and limits.

Links to 137 Regional Traffic Cameras at 131940 on regional pages:
Darling Downs – Warwick/Toowoomba

Queensland Floods 2011 By Brenton Currie. iPhone App, will no longer be updated unless a similar disaster occurs. Provides links to services such as Red Cross, donations, podcasts, twitter feeds etc.


iPhones preview for [Global] Disaster Radar. Free to download, this app runs on iPad and iPhone


DisasterWatch Free iPhone/iPad app from the Australian Govt with Information about disaster related events and disaster resilience. DisasterWatch is available from the Android Market and from Apple-iTunes .

The Australian Early Warning Network. EWN is a private service that monitors weather systems and alerts people directly in the path of an event. Registration is free only for residents of participating councils and EWN Partner businesses.

iEarthqualke Lite App App to provide the natural disasters; Earthquake, Tsunami, Flood, Tornado, Cyclone, and Storm. Data feeds from official weather around
the world.

Disaster Alert Disaster Alert (by Pacific Disaster Center) iPhone and Android App provides a listing and an interactive map of Active Hazards occurring around the globe. Additional hazard information can be viewed and shared. Free to download.

Ready QLD App for iOS or Android, from Volunteering Qld to help mobilise and co-ordinate volunteers during an emergency

The Disaster Readiness Index Checklist: 9-questions   on the things you need to know, the actions you should be taking, and your understanding of your environment before and during a disaster.

BeAware tool and map on the Green Cross http://hardenUp.org site with suburb search and event information.


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