How we used Social Media to organise an event for 100 people in six weeks…

April 19, 2012


I have posted a report on the official GeoRabble site about the first  Brisbane GeoRabble event

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The background to the GeoRabble story is the Twitter ecosystem of Oz Geo people.  Looking back on the Twitter history (The easy way to search the Twitter timeline)  I find it began on January 12th in a throw away joke from@RobClout  …

We  draw in a few locals and on Feb 16th the organizing group meets for a beer…


Two days later Rob lunches at the Pig N Whistle and we have a venue.

By March 10 we have one confirmed speaker,   Dr Ben Guy,  found through a Linkedin contact and perusal (stalking) of his personal and professional blogs.

Enough to gow with, the  event can  announced on and  Eventbrite  (an incredible and Free site for self organising functions).

Never mind that at this stage we have just one speaker,  we begin cross promoting links through Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn Groups.


This period is followed by some organizers discussions on Google Groups….

What, me worry?

Photo By Miwok.Philippe Vieux-Jeanton. Thanks to CC Flickr

…and  a few organizers meetings that don’t eventuate (the ever hopeful @jodygarnett shows up anyway).

….more futzing around

La belle et la bête.. Beauty and the beast..

Photo by Gattou CC Flickr

…followed by a late flurry with speakers are sized up and selected,  tweets and postings on LinkedIn groups.

Suddenly we have 107 registrations.

So it was.  After a short spate of what might loosely be called planning, the GeoRabble Brisbane went off like a fire cracker.



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